Saturday, December 24, 2005

i received this 12/24/05 'nice' note from a reggae fan ( from from ohio )

( snipped )
Irie Greetings,How's OHIO? You should come out to ( snipped )
with the band this year!!!please...and to ( snipeed )! I'm just writing to say that you are forever present in RAW family. You truly neva giv up! Thank you! InI give thanks! Good vibes always...stay strong, stay happy and keep forward.And I just got my holiday gift...
( snipped - states much tribulations )
WOW JAH must know I am strong, huh!? Hold tightly to the soul and keep trying to find some light to shed on dis darkness.
I would so love to connect with some strong reggae family that might help give me some restoration of any faith through this top ramen time, lol.
Well I guess I can hold my head up as I never stooped through this which is why the monetary losses...I wouldn't sling mud. Choices! We make the bed we sleep in. JAH GUIDE! So would love The Ark Band to come ( snipped )!
Let me know - I would help you guys connect with several clubs and we have some great RAW hosts here. Or maybe I'll make Rock Island next summer !
Hungry for some live have no idea! JAH BLESS and good energy I am sending your way this moment. Say hi to the crew!One Love,
( snipped)


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