Sunday, February 05, 2006

glenaderlene posted a nice one at our yahoo club's message board
on feb 5 2006 early in the AM @
so i thought it'd be good to share it with you all here as my firs february so here it is...big up G,

The Ark Band is by far the best Reggae Band I have experienced.Their sound quality has no voids; something often missingin the performances of the other Reggae Bands I have seen and heard.They have a tight, full-sound, in their musical presentation.Their performances are professional in music and style. In comparing other Reggae Bands' in their entirety,The Ark Band has Mastered Reggae Music to a greater depth andheight than most...they do not sound like the students, ratherthey are the Teachers. Their notariety awaits them, as theyhave not received the respect or recognition they have earned..Their musical sound is magical and mystical; successfully drawing the audience of listeners closer to dance and enjoy the vibrations.PEACE AND LOVE


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